The Strength of a Canadian manufacturer


Mitjavila Canada

Established in Canada in 1984, Mitjavila Canada, a subsidiary of the Mitjavila group, is responsible for distributing its products throughout the North American market.


Mitjavila Canada offers 3 types of distribution for greater choice:

  • components only, for building the system

  • semi-assembled components, cut to desired dimensions (without canvas)

  • complete systems ready to install at customers' premises. The only work needed is to install the wall mounts and hang the awning

The Mitjavila Group

Mitjavila is a leading industrial company employing more than 500 people at over 12 locations around the world. Founded more than 45 years ago, Mitjavila is today the leading European producer (manufacturer) of awnings and solar protection products.

Our expertise ranges from classic sun protection products such as retractable awnings, tents, and verandas, to cutting-edge products such as sun breakers, bioclimatic pergolas and even innovative structures designed for photovoltaic solar panels.

Our strength resides in the combination of experience we have gained from our R&D center and applying this experience in our manufacturing plants.

Today, Mitjavila submits more than 20 patent applications per year in the solar protection field and has over 150 systems listed in our catalogs.

Mitjavila operates its own plants dedicated to cast aluminum, zamak injection, aluminum injection, PVC injection and aluminum profile extrusion.

Behind the company's success is the constant desire to improve its manufacturing processes and product quality for complete customer satisfaction.

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Mitjavila Canada Productions

Mitjavila Canada is further expanding its activities with a new division: Mitjavila Canada Production.

Mitjavila Canada Production manufactures components for awnings, such as wall brackets, roller tube brackets, arm brackets, arms and front bar ferrules.

The plant also has a powder coating production line, which provides a wide choice of colors for structures and parts.

This plant allows Mitjavila Canada to incorporate the company's manufacturing tradition and thus offer a wide range of products at competitive prices with shorter shipping times and a large choice of colors. 

Mitjavila Canada now has the facilities and expertise necessary to satisfy and meet all your requirements.

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